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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  August 14, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute >> three, two, one, beck! glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. remember way, way, way back in late june when obama took a planted question from "the huffington post"? it has happened again and this time it is muchs worse but i don't know why anybody isn't showing it to you. i will. then, lets look ats those obama is honoring, the people who got the medal of freedom this week. can they tell us anything about our president, some of the medal of freedom hon honorees, and barney frank's great idea. yeah. if you believe this country is great but you believe the government is trying to stamp out your freedoms, come on, stand up! follow me!
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is it friday? how come i don't have m and m's? friday is the day i break my diet. oh, this job. how do i work with these conditions? hello, america. i have decided, because i saw the president's town hall meeting -- oh, it was rivetting. i think i have to change my thinking around this healthcare bill, because now, all of a sudden, reputable doctors are showing up to town halls, like totally reputable doctors, like totally showing their support for obama-care. >> your name? >> we're position is that we are like so for treating preventable conditions. how will it help me as a
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p.d.p.? >> first of all, give her a hand, because she is a primary care physician. [applause] how long have you been practicing? >> four years. >> give her another hand! glenn: i got to tell you, that was like so awesome, she was just like, there, i mean, she was like, i'm a doctor and i have doctor-like questions. that was great, and then, finally, a town haller, without that pesky cell phone interrupting sheila. it was great. i loved how sheila was spontaneous, you know, give sheila a little loving. it was great. it was unscripted. it was almost a pure moment. sheila jackson lee connecting with regular working people, and a doctor, no less. you know, that's what town halls are about, not this conjured up hired activist g.o.p. fake angry yelling thing. what is it they were calling
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it, again? oh, yeah, i remember, astroturf. that's it. that's crazy. when i first saw this video, i was so moved by the concern of this obviously amazing physician. i thought, you know what? she's only been a physician for four years. she might be struggling. i don't know. she says they're a dying breed. maybe i should recommend her to my friends in texas. they tried looking her up and i had a hard time finding her. she was really tough to find, really, really tough, very. almost like she wasn't really a doctor tough. as it turns out, she's not a doctor, no. she's not listed in the medical records or the texas board or anything. she made it up. sheila gave her that big old spontaneous hug. what are the odds? anywho, since roxana is not a doctor, she is not as busy as a doctor really is, i wondered
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what does roxana do in her free time? we found it. look at that. whoa! grassroots city! did i mention, she's not just some nutty campaigner. she's a texas obama delegate. yeah. yep. initially she was identified in the houston chronicle as a physician. then all of a sudden the doctor part just kind of disappeared. let me show you. here is the first picture. notice the caption. a physician! there's some good journalistic integrity fy for you. now it is just roxana. to be fair to "the chronicle" and i'm trying to figure out why i should be fair to "the chronicle" they did end up reporting the correction, but can you imagine just reporting the connection there or the
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correction, you know, if it was, i don't know, a conservative. imagine the national uproar and outrage if a conservative, you know, said, president george bush, i'm not the president of halliburton, but don't you think we should give them more no-bid contracts? ya think? you think maybe there is more to it than just the c.e.o. of halliburton would be put in underneath the picture? ya think? remember what they did to joe the plumber? all he did was ask a question when barack obama strolled unannounced into his front yard. he just asked him a question. this person actually lies, and the national media -- i mean, bill, when is that new videotape of another angry g.o.p. crazy person coming in? we got to get it on the air. is that what they are waiting for? is that what is happening?
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let's get another angry conservative ripping arlen specter a new one, or could it be that just sometimes, sometimes, not very often, the truth doesn't fit the media's script. all the world is a stage. do you ever feel like that? do you ever feel like what you're seeing on this stupid little box ain't the truth? here is the one thing tonight, while the media doesn't bother looking into fake doctors, real ones are giving the president scary advice. let's talk about one of those real doctors, you know, dr. ezekiel emanuel, you know, rahm's brother. no nepotism there. he is also healthcare advisor to the president. robert gibbs was asked about the good doc and how much pull he has with the president. here it is. >> do you know if the president has ever consulted on healthcare with rahm's brother e zeke yeel -- ezekiel emanuel?
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>> i think zeke has talked to certainly staff and others about healthcare. i have not been in every healthcare meeting the president has been in. glenn: oh, i really don't know. here is why this question is important, because dr. ezekiel emanuel thinks we should calculate the amount of a human life and how how much we should spend to keep that life alive. after sarah palin's comment about death panels, the left has coined a new phrase, deathers. wait until the bottom of the hour, i can't wait to tell you the thinking on this. they're trying to make deather s into conspiracy nuts who say that the government will snuff your grandmother out with a pillow. that's not what sarah palin was saying. she is right. the deather part of this bill i believe is something that came from the white house, the language came from the white house and it's already in the u.k. national healthcare system. it's called nice. oh, we've got to have that.
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that sounds nice. although it is anything but nice. basically they come up with the number of maximum treatment costs per year to keep you alive. in a recent interview, dr. zeke says "oh, about 15 years, i did think that rationing was necessary, you know, because of cost issues, but i've come to change my mind." really? then why were you talking about even in the context of an emergency as recent as january of this year? i mean, did the heavens open up last night and say zeke, don't do it? is that what happened? because i think maybe a reporter should not look into faith doctors and look at the real doctor and ask old zeke a question. what was the epiphany? was it, you know what, i'm from the f.b.i., and you need to shut up here. is that what is happening? somebody should answer the question. this is devaluing of human
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life, putting a price on each individual. the death panel is in the firing squad. sarah palin made a point, i guess you could say in an inflammatory way, but when you implement a government health system, as they have found out in the u.k. and everywhere else on the planet, you are left with no other choice. that's just the way it is. rationing is inevitable, and they know it. when? when will someone in the media expose all of the lies? here is dr. rand paul, chairman of the kentucky taxpayers united. hello, rand. how are you? >> good to be with you, glenn. glenn: good to be with you. i had you on the radio show last week. >> yes. glenn: when you announced and i spent about 20 minutes -- you're running for senator in kentucky. >> in kentucky, yes, for the u.s. senate. glenn: right. i have to tell you, you may be one of the only politicians
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that i shut off the microphone and went i think i agree with him, and i strangely trust him, so either my gut has gone all crazy or maybe you're the real deal. it's good to talk to you. >> it's funny. on the way home, i was reading a little book called "common sense" on the plane, and i thought it sounded like something i might have written. glenn: oh, stop it, rand! i would like you to come on the show at some point and talk, because you are not your father. i don't mean that as a slam to your father, but you have different views from your father and i would like to explore some of those, but anyway, tell me about -- am i wrong in saying, without any inflammatory speech here -- don't call them death panels. let's just call them what they are. you have a certain amount of money and a certain amount of people. you can't give everything to everybody. isn't it inevitable that you have to make tough choices?
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>> well, you know, the president says he's not going to pull the plug on grandma, but i think what he really means is he's not going to put the plug in in the first place, because you have to decide. some committee is going to decide what is the cost benefit analysis for grandma. grandma is not just your grandmother. she is a statistic, and we have to decide what is the cost to society to keep her alive, and i think she won't get plugged in. her ventilator won't be plugged in if she's 92, because society may say we don't have enough money to do that. >> there's a couple of things here that tom daschle defined in his federal healthcare board in his book "kit cal, what we can do about the healthcare crisis," and he said "like the federal reserve" -- which worked out so well" the federal health board would be composed of health experts insulated from politics and congress and the
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white house would relinquish some of their health-policy decisions to it, for example, a shift to a more effective drug service would be enacted without an act of congress or the white house. " what does that mean? >> glenn, you're right. it is based on the same committee they have in britain with the "nice" committee. they decide what your life is worth over the final six months and will only spend $22,000 on medication. youyou have a guy with cancer in britain who wants a drug called sutent but it costs $54,000 but they say it costs too much, we don't have enough money for you. the average person will only be worth $22,000 in medicine. glenn: i could spend the time, and viewers, you can look it up. it is i-mack, and the fcce, and those are two boards. one is in the stimulus package and the other is in the healthcare bill and these are
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the panel, the experts that will decide these things, but i would rather, instead of going there, i would rather talk to you a little bit about -- i've been thinking an awful lot about how do we fix this? how do we do this? first of all, let me just ask you, the thing that i have not heard anybody talk about on rationing, ok, yes, if the government is not making the decision, the capitalist system makes the decision by, sorry, we can't afford that, and, you know, grandma is not going to get a hurt and lung, whatever, because she can't afford it, and everybody will say that that's horrible, but if you allow people with money to be able to do it, doesn't that make that treatment eventually that very expensive treatment cheaper years down the road if you don't have that capitalist money pouring into for the new expensive technology, it never is
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invented. you never grow, do you? >> exactly. i remember as a kid the first calculator, $300, and all it did was add, subtract, multiply and divide. now you get fabulous calculator/computer for $30, so, yeah, the price comes down as you open it up to the marketplace and more people can engage in buying the product, but i think what we have to look at is some people say we don't want the government making the decisions. they say, well, now the insurance companies make the decisions. we need to figure out a system where the consumer or the patient has to make more of his own decisions. glenn: thank you. >> there are possibilities for that, but our problem is what we do now is we're complaining about obama system, but nobody is presenting an alternative. what i'm saying is there is an alternative. what you need is multi-use insurance. you need health insurance to are to be more like term-life insurance. if i have a heart attack today and i have term-life insurance, i'm on a 20-year contract. you don't increase my rate.
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but if i have a heart attack today and survive, my health insurance will be doubled because i'm on a one-year contract. we need multi-year contracts. glenn: rand, i would love to have you back to talk about this. the other thing is insurance you should be able to buy it across state lines. hello, it's the government that is wrecking the system, and also, you and i talked about an idea of giving tax breaks to doctors. i mean, here they are, are these evil rich people. give them tax breaks if they will go work in a clinic, if they will see poor people. let them write all of that off, and let the system fix itself, but the government won't get out of the way. >> that sim simple tax change would change things quite a bit. they would be able to deduct services they didn't get paid for or volunteered to charity and you could get out of the way the middleman, the medicaid system that is collecting all the taxes, swirling it around in your state capitol and sending
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about 50 cents back to take care of people. all of a sudden, it would be 100% of it taking care of the patient instead of 50% of it being lost in the bureaucracy of government. glenn: rand, thank you very much. again, running for the senate in kentucky. rand paul. >> thank you, glenn. glenn: you may have seen president obama present the presidential medal of freedom winners this week. what he didn't tell you about some of the recipients and does it say anything about him that we should know, next.
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early detection can save your life.
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glenn: during the campaign, president obama told us to get a better understanding of his policies and who he is, we should look to the people who surround him and who he is surrounding himself with. well, following that theme tonight, i thought we should look at some of the 16 people that the president himself has chosen to honor with a medal of freedom. is there anything we can learn about the president and whom he chooses to honor? i want to be clear. these people are heroes in their own right for some of the things, but i just want to see again what we can learn -- not about these people, but from what he left out about these people. let's start with civil rights leader reverend lowery. watch this. >> born and raised in alabama,
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preaching in his blood, the reverend joseph lowry is a giant of the moses generation of civil rights leaders. its was just king, lowry and a few others who laid the groundwork for the bus boycott and the mox that was to follow. glenn: you may not are remember him, but let's play the end of the benediction and see if that will help. >> we were not asked when black would give back and when brown will stick around, when yellow will be mellow, and went the red bands can get ahead, man and when white would embrace what is right, that although who do justice and love mercy say amen. glenn: now, ok, here is the thing. it is not a complete picture here. lowry can say anything to anybody, whatever he wants.
5:22 pm
he can take any stand he wants, but what does it say about the president that president obama left off that the pesky little details about lou i's friendly meeting with libyan dictator muammar qaddafi and p.l.o. leader yasser arafat, both anti-israel? or that lowry said in the 1980's that the united states had, quote, become the villain of the western hemisphere? and for some odd reason, president obama left out how lowry has pushed for, quote, economic parity. now, watch how president obama describes mary robinson. she is the first female president of ireland. >> the only girl in the family of four brothers, mary robinson learned early on what it takes to make sure all voices are heard. a crusader for women and to those without a voice in ireland, mary robinson was first elected to president of
5:23 pm
robin before being elected u.n. high commission for human rights. she has placed a light in her window that would draw people of irish descent to pass by the light. glenn: i'm sure she is a fine person, but for some reason she left out all the criticism over robinson's leadership of an anti-racism conference in durbin, south africa. this happened back in september 2001. this may ring a bell. in case you don't remember right off the bat, there were anti-semitic sentiments everywhere, september, 2001. during the hate crimes session, there was a speaker who thought israel's existence was a hate kime. additionally someone was asking the question an shouted down "jew, jew, jew, jew." another questioner, a woman with a south african accent was heckled as an israeli dog. besides that, copies of the anti-semitic work, the protocols of the elders of
5:24 pm
zion were sold on conference ground. anti-israel protestors chanted "zionism is racism. israel is apartheid," and "you have palestinian blood on your hands," and of course, this were those fliers depicting hitler with the question "what would have happened if i had won?" it was circulated among conference attendees. the answer, there would be no israel, and no palestinian bloodshed. it was so bad that the american and israeli delegations walked out in the middle to protest, yet robinson, the u.n. high commissioner for human rights, in her role as secretary general of the conference, did nothing to stop all of the rhetoric, which some would argue means she may have approved of it. then, there is the nobel prize winner, ar archbishop desmond tutu. i thought he was a good guy, and i'm sure he is, but here is what president obama said
5:25 pm
about him during the medal of freedom ceremony. >> the voice of the downtrodden, voice of the oppressed, cantor of our conscience, desmond tutu possesses that sense of generosity, that spirit of union ti, that essence of humanity that south africans know simply as that. glenn: ok. he is a hero, except we have missed one thing. in a blog on ""the washington post"" last year, tutu wrote, and i quote "jeremiah wright has really said no more than which falls squarely in the ambit of black theology, black religion to the answer of anguished questions of black people suffering under the brutality of white racism. it ultimately speaks reconciliation. you cannot be reconciled with one who has his boot on your neck to keep you in the gutters. to be reconciled, you must stand up, stand up right to look the other in the eye."
5:26 pm
in an interview with the "chicago tribune," tutu said that reverend iep iep wright write, quote, may have said more crudely what almost every african-american would have wanted to say. i mean, that is how they feel in your country that race is a very, very, very real issue." i agree. race is a very real issue. and then there is steven hawking. take a look. >> from his wheelchair, he has led us on a journey to the farthest and strangest reaches of the cosmos. in so doing, he has stirred our imagination and shown us the power of the human spirit here on earth. glenn: ok. i'm a fan of dr. hawking, i really am. oh, geez, what am i going to find out about dr. steven hawking. worst thing i could find, agnostic. big deal. he is exactly the kind of person that barack obama should be listening to.
5:27 pm
why? this man is amazing. i don't know if you know the story of dr. steven hawking. when he was in cambridge, this guy, he would complete his term papers in one night, and his roommate actually saved his term papers because he would just scatter it out and then throw it away. his roommate would look at them, and say, steven, what are you doing? do you realize what you're doing? steven hawking didn't have any kind of appreciation for his intellect. well, he started falling down the stairs. he fell down the stairs i think on the third time at cambridge and he thought well, something is wrong. he got it checked out. he was 21 years old. doctors told him he would die from a.l.s. in two to three years. hawking now is almost completely paralyzed. he has survived for 46 years since then, but even more importantly, when he was down, literally down on the ground after falling down and being
5:28 pm
told you don't have much time to live, he decided to pick himself up. he decided to use his intellect and actually do something with his life. he became one of the leading scientists discovering black holes and baby universes, and without a bailout or a handout from anyone. >> ho ho ho, merry christmas! it's barney frank's plan to spend more of your tax dollars to save deteriorated apartments. the gift that keeps on giving, next.
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>> hello, everyone, i'm patti ann browne. president barack obama held a town hall style meeting in montana today and criticized the media for showing angry protestors and not enough of the constructive meetings going on. obama added that while montana has bears, moose and elk, he claimed that washington mainly just has bull. an investigation in the santa cruz mountains in california. a series of wildfires continues to spread. only 5% of the blaze is under control. stocks finished the day down. the dow fell 76 points on the day and slipped a half percentage point for the week. chris wallace now has a preview of what is on "special report" tonight. caller: coming up, latest on how some people ended up on the white house e-mail list and healthcare provision
5:33 pm
end-of-life provision seems dead, at least for now. join me at 6:00 eastern, and now back to glenn beck in new york. glenn: hello, america, time to use your head, bringing you stories where the media and the government are not using their heads. welcome to bailout nation. we're all socialists now, remember? it started with the banks and then it went to the car companies an insurance companies and now tarp money could be coming to an apartment building near you. who could possibly sponsor a bill like this? it's your old friend, house financial service committee chairman barney frank, of course. frank's tarp for main street act could take $2 billion of your tax dollars that we gave to the bank through tarp, and i'd like back, they paid it
5:34 pm
back, and now, of course, it will go to other people to use. they're going to use that money to create sustainable financing programs for multi-family properties that are in default or foreclosure. the new york post reports that some new york city apartments could benefit from this bill. many developer properties are now underwater and itching for some cash. as one developer who defaulted on a loan last fall put it, quote, as long as there's a long list of people out there with their caps in their hand, why should everyone else be getting the free run? yeah. yeah, why should people be getting a free run? a great precedent we have set here in america, isn't it, from the land of opportunity to grab the cash while you can. america, a side note, i'm sorry to tell you that i -- i just feel that in the next few months, maybe the next six months, the foreclosure rate in this country is going to go through the roof, and i believe the community organizers will start to
5:35 pm
organize squatters in those houses and apartments all across the country. i think we're headed for some real tough times. the popular, awesome, amazingly successful cash for clunkers program has another huge problem. the financial times now reports that although car and car part sales jumped 2.4% from june -- who would have seen that? other retail sales fell .6 p% in july. cash for clunkers may be pulling money away from other consumer items. in the long run, the program could hurt future car sales but don't let that bother you. ford and g.m. just announced they are increasing production of the most popular cars eligible under the program -- not the cars you really want, just the ones in the program. is the program going to continue to run for a little bit? so, when cash for clunkers ends, maybe there will be a surplus of those cars and we can bail them out again. the biggest loser in all of
5:36 pm
this, the dealers who just gave you the car, because they're still waiting for the government to pay them back. the los angeles times or thes a government program to buy toxic securities contains a little loophole that might cost you, the little people, some money, but good news, benefit the wall street fat cats. the value of tox irk securities -- toxic securities owned by banks tanked during the credit crisis. now they're virtually impossible to sell. again, who would have seen that coming? in the government's plan, nine investment firms will use $40 billion to buy the securities. traders will then create a market and trade them openly. the investment firms could make a lot of money, but the taxpayers are going to take most of the risk. critics say traders in the program could influence the market, then, you know, make some profit on their own side
5:37 pm
deals. one solution to the problem? a wall between traders and the program and the rest of the firms. the treasury says they can't, because veteran traders won't take part in the program if you do that, but don't worry. the treasury department says they're going to monitor the program, you know, to prevent insider trading, and don't forget, the guy who couldn't figure out how to do tarp, or the turbotax, you know, he's running it, so -- that reminds me. how many times did the security and exchange commission investigate bernie madoff? oh, yeah, at least three times and they failed to discover the multi-billion dollar fraud, but this time, don't worry. they promise, it will work. and tonight, i want to mark the passing of someone you know very well. only 37 years old. perhaps the most overused suffix in all of media history. tonight, let me be the first
5:38 pm
to announce the death of "gate." rest in peace. since the watergate scandal of 1972, everything, everything that's gone on in this country when it revolves around washington has been dubbed "gate." there was a monica-gate, trooper-gate, one, two and three. i didn't understand three, because i didn't see two, and many, many more, but we have turned the corner, america. the paradigm has changed. forget the word "gate." we've all learned from saul olinski's rules for radicals topersonalize the attack. you can't say things about "gate" because that's too vague. you don't attack an institution. you have to attack a person. that's why it's no longer "gate. " the new suffix is "ers." it started with the 9/12ers.
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birthers, crazy and now the d.n.c. is calling people concerned with end-of-life provisions in the healthcare proposal deathers. crazy. they have personalized all the scandals, all the problems. we got to play along. now we have to play their game, so we have to figure out something to call the station or people in the administration from time to time that ends in "ers." i got it! how about liars! no, that is crazy. we better use our head. quality and reliability...
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glenn: america, i'm going to go on vacation next week, but when i come back, we have quite a week of shows to do for you. we have been working on them for a while, and i'm going to be introducing you to what i think is really going on in
5:44 pm
this country, methodically lay it out and then show you how to fight it, how to stand up. know what you're dealing with. i have been telling you for a while, something is not right with the direction is headed in right now. i think i know what it is, and it revolves around some of these czars. well, now there's something else that has been bothering me for a while, and lo and behold, we have a new czar! radio is under attack by the federal communications commission. i told you before, pay no attention to the fairness doctrine. it's not going to happen, but this man is the f.c.c.'s new chief diversity officer. when i say "new chief diversity officer." i didn't know they had an old one. his name is mark lloyd. he wants private broadcasters to pay licensing fees -- listen to this -- licensing fees equal to their total operating costs, and if they are a conservative radio station, they could receive a crippling $250 million fine.
5:45 pm
all that money will be used to fund public broadcasters like n.p.r. who are competitors of these private broadcasters. the man trying to silence free speech in america, in washington, is seton motley, the director of communications at the media research center. seton, tell me a little bit about what is his name, our new czar lloyd? >> mark lloyd. he is a former senior fellow at george soros-funded, john podesta-run center for american progress. many people remember him from the bill clinton days. he was the chief obama transition team czar, so to speak. mark lloyd, as a senior fellow there, cowrote a paper in june of 2007 entitled "the structural imbalance of political talk radio. " now, first of all, this report is flawed because it excluded public radio from their --
5:46 pm
>> of course they did. that's not fair. >> he's looking at it from a market saturation standpoint. as you know, in many large cities, like los angeles, for example, has at least three public broadcasting stations on the radio. they get more than 100% market share, but that doesn't count as market domination. it is only for private ownership. this report is frightening and how it wants to enforce the localism and media diversity rules for the f.c.c., which are very nebulous as they are written and therefore up to the enforcement interpretation of whoever is doing the enforcing, and now this guy mark lloyd is doing the enforcing. glenn: first of all, who was our last diversity -- what is it? >> chief diversity officer. glenn: who was the last one at the f.c.c.? >> that's an interesting question. i have a friend who has been working there for years and that person doesn't recall this position ever existing before. glenn: huh. that's interesting. >> this may be a new czar in and of itself.
5:47 pm
glenn: so we have this guy. he wants to force private broadcasters to fund public broadcasters dollar for dollar, so if i understand this right, help me out, he is saying whatever the gross operating budget is for every private radio station, every year, they will have to pay a fee equal to that? >> right. glenn: to get their license renewed for a year? >> to get their license from the f.c.c. and, of course, that money goes to fund stations with whom they then have to compete. glenn: let me ask you this -- what company in america can take 100% of their operating budget and pay it as a tax and survive? >> and then say ok, now let's start doing business, it's impossible, literally impossible. glenn: i want to take a break. when i come back, there is more to this. there is much more to this. radio under attack, next.
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glenn: america, i am here to announce the birth of a new czar. this one at the f.c.c. back again is he seat ton motley of the media research center. seton, there is a part here that this cannot be right. lloyd suggests finding conservative -- fining conservative radio stations up to $250 million and giving the proceeds to the government subsidized corporation of public broadcasting. >> that's not exactly right. that's an estimated total of what the operating costs for someone like premier broadcasting who simulates large shows like rush limbaugh among them. that is a simulation of the fine we have been discussing, which is dollar for dollar of
5:53 pm
their total operating costs. just to be fair. glenn: so it's not a fine if you're a conservative radio station? >> he has laid out a road map for liberal attacks to attack conservative and christian talk stations, however. glenn: ok. >> you said forget the fairness doctrine. a month after his report came out he wrote a report called "forget the fairness doctrine" in which he uses a way for them to threaten licenses if they are politically opposed to what they're saying on the air. glenn: it is all localism. >> an media diversity. glenn: yeah. they will take those licenses, and keep everybody afraid to put anything on the air. if they do put something on the air, somebody can challenge it, they can take that license away from them at the end of the year, and give it to some acorn-like group, or some minority group, and then you have lost that radio station. >> it's freddie mac and fannie
5:54 pm
mae for the radio industry is what it is. glenn: first of all, how long do you think before this could come to fruition? he is there. he doesn't have to be confirmed or anything. he is there. it is happening. >> he started work july 29. he stands waiting to take their calls. however, there is a supreme court decision in the '90's called the attarand decision that said you couldn't set aside contracts for minority business owners and now that is being looked at as applicable to setting aside licenses for minority broadcast stations. he has to go into research mode to overcome the supreme court bar that has been set against doing this strictly based on racial decisions, so he's got a little bit of work to do, but believe me, don't think he's not working on t glenn: oh, no. they will get this done. broadcasters like me, i mean, if you take -- rush makes a ga zil ondollars a year, and premier would have to step to
5:55 pm
the plate and say, ok, you pay rush a gazillion dollars a year and pay the same salary, like my salary, that is like a gazillion and ten dollars, then that would wipe these people out. there is no way they could ever do it. so what happens? >> it is an assault on the radio industry to affect an ideological outcome. glenn: what happens to free speech in america? >> that's irrelevant to these people. glenn: do you know anything about this guy? is he a socialist, marxist? i tell you what, i'm told we are out of time. may i have you back? i would like to cover this when we come back. i'm going on vacation next week. the week after, i want to show america what is coming, and i would like you to do more research and come back. is that possible? >> i would love it. glenn: thank you very much. america, don't miss it. i'm going to be back a week
5:56 pm
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glenn: hey, the 9/12 project is in full swing. there is a giant alley there in washington, d.c. on 9/12. a lot of speakers. check it out at


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